Costume And Prop Rental

The Merely Players has purchased, made, or been given items over the years that we have retained and cared for. We are happy to share with other organizations for a small rental fee and security deposit. If your group has need of something that may be in our inventory, please contact us. We rent any item we have not scheduled for use.

Costume and Prop Rental Policy

A security deposit is required on all items; this can be a check or cash and will not be returned until completion of rental. Late returns will be charged 25% of rental rate per day.

Renter will, with respect to costumes entrusted to it under this policy, agree that all costumes shall be professionally dry cleaned and returned in good condition. The costumer will check said items upon return and before security deposit is returned. The renter will pay for dry cleaning.

Alterations: All alterations to costumes will be made at the sole expense of the renter and in such a way that the costume may easily be restored to its original condition PRIOR to being returned to the Merely Players Community Theatre. In no case may a costume be cut or treated with glue, paint, or dye.


For more information, or for rentals, please email us at