2020-21 Season Show Selection Committee

Selection Committee Criteria​
  • The Selection Committee will consist of multiple genders

  • The Selection Committee will consist of a variety of age ranges

  • Selection Committee Members must have been involved in at least 1 Merely Players Production in the last 5 years

  • Preference will be given to applicants who volunteer for non-production related Merely Players functions

  • Each year a new Selection Committee is created

  • Committee Members may only serve once every 5 years unless there are no other qualified applicants

  • The Board will review all applicants and choose the members

Selection Committee Member Responsibilities
  • Attend Selection Committee meetings

  • Read and present shows to the Committee for consideration within the guidelines that the Artistic Director and Board have put forth for the applicable season (i.e. number and types of shows)

  • Be prepared to do a lot of reading!

  • Research rights availability

  • Consider possible complications with the show (i.e. stage size restrictions, technical challenges, cast size challenges, etc.)

  • Stay Passionate!