Call for Submissions

As we continue our push to provide a more community based way to give back with each show, we have chosen to look to the talent pool of local artists in our area for a Jesus Christ Superstar themed art drive!


Each selected piece will be displayed during the run of JCS at the Kato Ballroom in March. The art pieces will be available for patrons to purchase with half of the proceeds going to the artist and the other half going to one of five locally based arts charities of the artist's choosing.

Each piece must be suitable for viewing by a general audience. Merely Players reserves the right to deny any submission.

Some themes to consider would be:

  • Redemption

  • Betrayal

  • Historical Religious Art

  • Success/Power

  • Divinity

  • Story-Telling

  • Interpretation

These are just some suggested themes, but submissions do not need to fall into a specific category as long as they are relevant to the show and appropriate to be displayed for a public audience of various demographics.

Half of the proceeds will go to the artist who created the piece and the other half will go to their choice of the following:

  • 410 Project

  • Mankato Makerspace

  • Merely Players

  • Twin Rivers Council for the Arts

  • Childrens Museum of Southern Minnesota

Contact with any questions.

Deadline for submissions: 3/1/2020